A common feature of Thai cuisine is an emphasis on food that is fresh, beautifully presented and made to be shared.  Thai food is appealing because of freshness of ingredients due to speed of preparation.

Thai food is a joy to the senses, combining the refreshing aroma of lemon-grass and kaffir lime (a type of lime commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking) leaves with the pungency of brilliant red chili pepper and creaminess of coconut milk and fresh basil.  At Spice we also blend in characteristics of Northern Thai cooking by the use of ginger, tamarind (fruit of evergreen tree native to Africa but used pervasively in Southeast Asian cooking to give food a sweet-tart flavor), and turmeric in our flavoring.

At both of our locations: Siam Orchid in Orinda and Spice Thai Kitchen and Bar in Vacaville, the menus have been created to embody the essence of Thai food while maintaining a good blend of Northern Thai cooking tradition and uniqueness in presentation